Power of Kentucky tornado caught on tape

New video shows, at a terrifyingly close angle, the power of a tornado that ripped apart West Liberty, Kentucky.

CNN: Tornado turns love’s milestone into pain

Two women, one just engaged, the other married for 40 years, mourn for love ripped away by a deadly tornado.

CNN: Tornado victim died protecting wife

CNN’s Susan Candiotti profiles Henryville’s only fatality, a retiree who lost his life protecting his wife at their home.

CNN: Henryville man films tornado hitting neighborhood

An man films a massive tornado as it tears through his neighborhood in Henryville, Indiana.

CNN: Tornado bears down on Henryville, Indiana

Amateur video captures a tornado near Henryville, Indiana.

CNN: Indiana Governor, Mitch Daniels ‘Lucky it wasn’t worse’

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels talks to CNN about the damage caused by multiple tornadoes.

CNN: CNN Weekend Shows – iReports: Storm threat, South, Midwest

CNN iReporters are posting photos and video of the storms and tornados crossing the South and Midwest United States.

CNN: WDRB reporter Lawrence Smith, we saw homes ripped apart

WDRB reporter Lawrence Smith describes what it was like being trapped in a tornado that hit Henryville, Indiana.

CNN: Deadly tornado intensifies in Indiana

CNN’s Erin Burnett narrates as a tornado funnel cloud gains strength and devastates Henryville, Indiana.

CNN: ‘Scary next few hours’ for Eastern US

CNN’s Erin Burnett talks with Meteorologist Rob Marciano about intensifying severe weather in Nashville.