Kansas Caucus 2012: Rick Santorum Claims New Victory

Rick Santorum has won the Kansas caucuses, The Associated Press projects. With more than two thirds of the vote reported, Santorum took a strong lead over Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, with 53 percent of the vote coming in for the former Pennsylvania senator. Santorum was favored to win in [Read more...]

Super Tuesday: Mitt Romney Gets the Wins, But Does He Get the Momentum Versus Rick Santorum?

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Super Tuesday: Mitt Romney Wins Key Races in Vermont, Virginia, Massachusetts and is Ahead in Ohio

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Ron Paul on Super Tuesday: ‘We always win’

Rep. Ron Paul discusses the differences between him and the other Republican presidential candidates.

Democrats the winner of Super Tuesday?

CNN’s Zoraida Sambolin asks strategist Hilary Rosen how Democrats are reacting to the Super Tuesday results.

Webcast: Super Tuesday 2012 Results; Solar Flare

today’s top headlines: including incredible images of a recent solar flare captured by NASA. More: WNNfans.com

The race to 1144 delegates after Super Tuesday

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Romney wins a close battle in Ohio on Super Tuesday

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How CNN projected Ohio win on Super Tuesday

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Exclusive Super Tuesday Numbers from Hamilton County

CNN exclusive: Dana Bash reports from Hamilton County Board of Elections with numbers showing Romney pulls ahead in Ohio.