Santorum: Our daughter ‘is doing great’

Karen Santorum, GOP candidate Rick Santorum’s wife, talks about their daughter Bella with CNN’s Piers Morgan.

Romney: Latinos will vote for GOP

Mitt Romney thanks Puerto Rico for his victory in the Republican presidential primary.

CNN projects Romney wins Puerto Rico

Mitt Romney will win the Republican presidential primary in Puerto Rico, CNN projects, based on vote results.

Santorum: You can’t trust Romney

Rick Santorum said Mitt Romney is untrustworthy because of his support of government-run health care.

Newt Gingrich on his cheerfulness

GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich discusses why he described himself as “cheerful” in a CNN debate.

Santorum: Romney’s delegate math argument ‘sad’

Rick Santorum says he has momentum and doesn’t believe he’s mathematically out of the race for the GOP nomination.

Advisor on Santorum’s 2 Wins in MS and AL

Filling for Piers Morgan, Wolf Blitzer discusses Santorum’s two primary wins with Senior Campaign Advisor John Brabender

After Southern States vote: No end in sight for this race

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Who is the delegate winner after AL and MS vote?

Rick Santorum wins the popular vote in Mississippi and Alabama. John King explains who will win the most delegates.

Santorum after southern states win: We did it again!

Rick Santorum thanks supporters after taking a key Southern victory in Alabama.