A slice of Apple

March 19 – Jeffrey Goldfarb and Breakingviews columnists discuss the $45 billion of dividends and buybacks at Apple and whether it really answers the question about the company’s enormous cash hoard.

Breakingviews: Spain’s PM risks stoking cynicism

Mar. 19 – Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy has used the absence of serious opposition to push through reform. But his failure to be frank with the electorate could tie his hands in the future.

Breakingviews: US Treasuries rout could be on the cards

Mar. 19 – A touch of normality in the markets is welcome, but is a threat to the edifice of safe haven bonds. Investors must prepare themselves for a big change in investment markets say Reuters Breakingviews.

Breakingviews: Milton Friedman in jeopardy

March 16 – Richard Beales and Breakingviews columnists wonder whether the lack of inflation in the United States means the Nobel prize-winning economist was wrong.

Breakingviews: Lloyds bonus rules smack of double standards

Mar. 16 – Blocking payouts to former bosses, including ex-CEO Eric Daniels, lacks consistency. Plus – why Spain should get an additional seat at the ECB.

Breakingviews: no stepping out of line for China’s leaders

Mar. 16 – Princeling Bo Xilai’s sacking doesn’t expose cracks in the political system – it shows party unity ahead of this year’s leadership shuffle, says Reuters Breakingviews.

Breakingviews: Worst of Times

March 15 – Rob Cox and Breakingviews editors discuss how bonuses for top executives at the publisher of the New York Times newspaper reward sub-standard performance.

Breakingviews: Take guesswork out of Libor

Mar. 15 – Probes into alleged interest rate manipulation have exposed the guesswork in Libor; And, there’s little for HSBC to gain from the BoCom crash, says Reuters Breakingviews.

Breakingviews: Muppets or clients?

March 14 – Rob Cox and Breakingviews columnists discuss the implications of a public resignation in the New York Times of a Goldman Sachs banker.

Breakingviews: A UK 100-year bond bad news for pension funds

Mar. 14 – A rational buyer wouldn’t touch a UK 100 year bond, but buyers like pension funds may have no choice, making the bonds a symbolic victory for the government over savers say Reuters Breakingviews