Brown: I believe in women’s rights

Sen. Scott Brown talks to CNN’s Piers Morgan about contraception rights for women.

Santorum: Our daughter ‘is doing great’

Karen Santorum, GOP candidate Rick Santorum’s wife, talks about their daughter Bella with CNN’s Piers Morgan.

Rick Santorum: Unemployment ‘doesn’t matter’

Rick Santorum says he is more concerned with restoring freedom and because politicians can’t reduce unemployment.

Politicians riff on pancakes, bad gifts

Mitt Romney finds victory in pancakes while President Obama recalls the British “White House visit” of 1812.

Romney: Latinos will vote for GOP

Mitt Romney thanks Puerto Rico for his victory in the Republican presidential primary.

Santorum: You can’t trust Romney

Rick Santorum said Mitt Romney is untrustworthy because of his support of government-run health care.

Sen. Mikulski marks milestone for women

Sen. Barbara Mikulski becomes the longest-serving female member of Congress on Saturday.

Romney: Obama is a ‘lightweight’

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney calls President Obama an “economic lightweight”.

Reduction of troops in Afghanistan?

Sen. Carl Levin wants President Obama to stick to a 2014 timetable for pulling US troops out of Afghanistan

Newt Gingrich: Obama is ‘for Saudi oil’

GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich says President Obama is “for Saudi oil and against American oil.”