First lady’s incognito trip to Target

First lady Michelle Obama describes a recent trip to Target to David Letterman.

Take a Look at This!

A gorilla makes a break for it, a tornado caught on video and skiers mark the end of winter by plunging into a pond.

Pat-down Video of Toddler in Wheelchair Goes Viral

Father posted 2010 video of his son in a wheelchair, getting a patdown at an airport.The TSA has changed policy since then

Soldiers’ Angels Give Special Salute

Member of group that helps service members and their families gives salute.Rich Lowe gave special shoutout to bombsquads.

Religious tension in Nigeria

CNN’s Nkepile Mabuse reports on how Muslim efforts to impose Sharia law on Nigeria are causing conflict.

Spanish village turns to volunteers

Residents work for free with local authorities unable to pay a wage. CNN’s Al Goodman reports.

Trayvon Martin’s father on the 911 tapes

Trayvon Martin’s father tells Anderson Cooper about the heartbreak of hearing his son’s voice before he died.

Brown: Romney will get nomination

Sen. Scott Brown talks about his support of GOP candidate Mitt Romney with CNN’s Piers Morgan.

Brown: I believe in women’s rights

Sen. Scott Brown talks to CNN’s Piers Morgan about contraception rights for women.

Exclusive: Tax refund fraud revealed

Tax refund fraud is rampant, and officials blame the IRS for not doing enough to stop it. CNN’s Randi Kaye reports.