Soldiers’ Angels Give Special Salute

Member of group that helps service members and their families gives salute.Rich Lowe gave special shoutout to bombsquads.

Bales Case Could Highlight Multiple Deployments

Army Staff Sergeant Robert Bales was on his fourth war zone deployment when he was accused of killing 16 Afghan civilians. AP’s Sagar Meghani reports on the potential stresses of spending so much time in combat. (March 19)

PTSD As Possible Defense in Afghan Killings

Cully Stimson, a former JAG officer explains how the military’s case against Staff Sergeant Robert Bales will proceed and how any claim of post traumatic stress disorder could work into his defense. (March 19)

Soldier Accused of Killings Was Family Man

Neighbors react to the news that the soldier accused of killing 16 civilians in Afghanistan was the friendly, father of two who lived next door. (March 17)

Afghanistan Shooting Suspect Deployed Four Times

War service, injuries and marital strife could have strained soldier. For more, click here:

Taliban, Afghan President Warn US Troops

Soldiers cautioned after Leon Panetta’s runway scare in Afghanistan. For more, click here:

Afghan Turmoil in Massacre Aftermath

As the massacre of Afghan civilians allegedly by a US soldier continues to reverberate, President Hamid Karzai is demanding NATO forces pull back to major bases and the Taliban has announced it’s breaking off peace talks. (March 16)

Carney: No Change in Afghan Drawdown Strategy

The White House says there’s no change in strategy after the Taliban broke off talks with the US and Afghan President Hamid Karzai said NATO should pull out of rural areas and speed the transfer of security responsibilities. (March 16)

Family fears for soldier’s safety

The parents of a soldier in Afghanistan says they’re worried he might be the target of a Taliban revenge attack.

Accused US Soldier Sent to Kuwait

Afghan lawmakers have expressed anger over the US move to fly an American soldier accused of killing 16 civilians out of the country. Meanwhile, the Taliban has cut off talks with the US (March 15)