Fare Jumpers, Shoplifters, Added to DNA Database

The state of New York will start collecting DNA samples for a permanent database from people who commit even the most minor crimes, like shoplifting or subway fare jumping. (March 19)

CNN Student News – 3/20/12

Gas prices fuel US political fire, Brazil aims to balance economic and environmental concerns, and one woman offers a better life to some Nepalese children.

Hamm: Playing Don Draper Has Been ‘a Dream Role’

As Don Draper on AMC’s ‘Mad Men,’ Jon Hamm plays a man discontent with life but in reality he’s very happy with the role that has made him famous. (March 19)

Jewish Group Official: France Shooting Terrible

The president of the organization that runs a Jewish school in France was in New York when he heard that a motorbike assailant had opened fire in front of the school, killing a rabbi, his two young sons and a girl. (March 20)

Bales Case Could Highlight Multiple Deployments

Army Staff Sergeant Robert Bales was on his fourth war zone deployment when he was accused of killing 16 Afghan civilians. AP’s Sagar Meghani reports on the potential stresses of spending so much time in combat. (March 19)

Council Member: NYPD ‘Brutal’ in Arresting OWS

Activists joined members of New York’s City Council in Zuccotti Park to complain about police tactics. On Saturday, police started detaining people after Occupy supporters gathered in the park to mark six months since the start of the movement. (March 19)

American released in Iraq

Mystery continues to surround the American who claimed to be kidnapped and released in Iraq, Jill Dougherty reports.

Feds review killing of unarmed teen

Legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin talks about developments in the death of an unarmed teen shot by a neighborhood watch captain.

Politicians riff on pancakes, bad gifts

Mitt Romney finds victory in pancakes while President Obama recalls the British “White House visit” of 1812.

Rick Santorum: Unemployment ‘doesn’t matter’

Rick Santorum says he is more concerned with restoring freedom and because politicians can’t reduce unemployment.