Bergen: bin Laden ‘focused’ on Obama

Terrorism analyst Peter Bergen says Osama bin Laden was “focused” on President Obama and worried about al Qaeda’s image.

Diving from the edge of space

An Austrian skydiver preps for a nearly 23-mile high jump. CNN’s Brian Todd reports.

Afghan massacre suspect identified

The Afghan massacre suspect is identified as Staff Sgt. Robert Bales. CNN’s Chris Lawrence has more.

Army: “Sufficient Screening” for Stressed Troops

A US official says the suspect in the killing of 16 Afghan civilians has been identified as Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales. A top military commander says the Army is dealing with mental health and other issues related to multiple deployments. (March 16)

Gas Price: Political Deja Vu

With gas prices soaring, President Obama and his GOP foes are again trading charges over who and what’s to blame, in a campaign argument that’s been echoing for more than three decades. (March 16)

Warnings Spare Village From Tornado Injuries

The twister that took aim at Dexter, Michigan unleashed winds of 135 mph and lingered on the ground for a full half-hour. But not a single person was seriously hurt. Authorities credit storm sirens that provided more than 20 minutes of warning. (March 16)

Magic Johnson talks Lakers and Broadway

Magic Johnson discusses his rivalry with Larry Bird, detailing the upcoming Broadway play which will depict their lives.

Santorum: Romney is an ‘Economic Heavyweight’

Illinois is becoming increasingly important to Republicans this primary. Rick Santorum made a stop at a crowded diner in Prospect Heights. Speaking with the AP, he called former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney an ‘economic heavyweight.’ (March 16)

Arsenio Hall recalls Bill Clinton playing sax

Filling in for Piers Morgan, guest host Arsenio Hall recalls the time Bill Clinton played the sax on his show.

Rick Santorum’s war on porn

Rick Santorum pledges to prosecute those who produce and distribute pornography. Erick Erickson and Maria Cardona discuss.