2nd Woman in NYC Madam Case Pleads Not Guilty

A matchmaking recruiter charged with helping to run a brothel in a high-profile NYC prostitution case has been on vacation, not the lam, her lawyer said Tuesday. Jaynie Baker returned to New York and pleaded not guilty at her arraignment. (March 13)

Ohio’s erectile dysfunction debate

CNN’s Lisa Sylvester reports on the strategy behind one Ohio lawmaker’s proposal to limit men’s access to Viagra.

Saltsman: Gingrich has a lot to lose

Republican strategist Chip Saltsman on which candidates have the most to win and lose in Tuesday’s southern primaries.

Lewis-McChord Pipeline for Troops, Trouble

Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington State is one of the largest military installations around, spinning out troops for Iraq and Afghanistan. But the strain of multiple deployments may be pushing some there to commit violent acts. (March 13)

How will Afghan shooting case be handled?

As President Obama calls the killings in Afghanistan “murder,” CNN’s Chris Lawrence looks at the investigation.

Poll: NYPD Fair to Muslims

Most New Yorkers think the NYPD was effective in fighting terrorism, and a majority say the NYPD has acted appropriately in its dealings with Muslims, according to a poll released after a series of stories by the AP. (March 13)

What Southern voters want for 2012 race

CNN’s John King looks at data from early exit polls in the South to see what issues are important to Southerners.

Romney: Santorum at end of campaign

In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Mitt Romney says that Rick Santorum is “at the desperate end of his campaign.”

Breakingviews: Investors to separate sheep from goats

Mar. 13 – Breakingviews Editor Rob Cox says the Federal Reserve’s bank stress test results will allow investors to separate the goats from the sheep and the tests are capitalism at its finest.

Questlove: Amy Winehouse Taught Me About Jazz

Before Amy Winehouse died, she wanted to start a “supergroup” that included Questlove of The Roots. The drummer says he misses the British singer, who he calls his “Skype buddy” and teacher of jazz music. (March 13)